Thursday, August 28, 2014

Relentless Love

Lately I have been battling an old symptom which has returned in intensity.  I believe completely that that Jesus died for sin and disease over 2,000 years ago.  He wants the healing released into my body and we have seen that in the past two years over and over.  But here I am, suffering with a nasty symptom that has never completely left, and now has increased.  Ugh.  I began to question why?  I began to question if it was me....

I talked with Joel today about my struggle,  and he replied with a story.  A story about a son who believed his parents could not afford the tennis shoes the whole basketball team had chosen to wear ~~New Niki high tops in white with red and black trim, which were the schools colors.  So he did not ask for them.

 His parents went to the first basketball game and his mom noticed right away that he was the only kid on the team who was not wearing these tennis shoes.  Stunned, she asked her son later why he did not ask for them.  He told her that he knew they did not have extra money for something so costly.

The next day his mom set out on a quest to find those shoes for her son.  She went to several stores, and ended up calling several more until a size 9 Niki white high top with red and black trim was another town 1 and 1/2 hours from their home.  Putting them on hold, she jumped in the car and drove to the city, found the store and purchased them for her son.  Then she got back in the car and drove to her son's school, just in time to give them to him for practice. 

Joel then went on to say, "The love this mom had for her child was so strong, she would have driven to the next state to find those shoes.  She was relentless in her quest to give them to him. 
And God has the same kind of love, no even more, for you, Renee.  His relentless love for you to be His child, to be saved and to be healed.  He wants the best for you.  Never question His love for you.  The Word says by His stripes we are healed.  Never question His promises.  Never question that you are not worthy of His promises.  Stay as determined with

your knowledge of God's Word and how much He loves you, as you were in your relentless love to find those shoes for our son."

Relentless is God.  To welcome us to the Kingdom as His child.  To be blessed with all that He has for us.  Forgiveness, wholeness and healing, and love.  Oh, His relentless love.  It is for us all. 

Today I am linking up with Faith Barista for  Finding Whitespace, with today's prompt being "quiet places".  My husband Joel is often my quiet place with his deep love and soothing words and insights.

21 Days of Rest: Finding Spiritual Whitespace

Monday, August 25, 2014

Rescued From The Unexpected

"The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack
and will bring me safely to his heavenly kingdom.
To him be glory for ever and ever. Amen."
2 Timothy 4:18NIV

This past weekend we experienced heavy rainfall here in our corner of the world.  In less than an hour we received over two inches of rain.  Three teenage boys were driving through the downtown area of our city to meet a friend at a local McDonalds.  They were wearing baseball uniforms, as they were heading to play a game out of town.  All of a sudden the underpass they drove through filled with water and they found themselves submerged up to their car windows in a lake with whitecaps.  Totally unexpected.  Stunned, they sat in the car wondering what to do. 

A man was on his way to work and came upon this scenario.  He parked his pick-up sideways on the road to stop other cars from driving into the flooded area and then he walked into the the car holding the three teens captive.  He helped them get out and get back to his pick-up before calling for the police.  The young driver was worried about leaving his car, but the older man told him, "A car can be replaced.  Human lives cannot."  I can imagine there were some pretty grateful parents giving their kids extra hugs that day!

This incident reminded me so much of our lives.  We are going along, filling our days with activity, family, and friends.  Just doing life.  All of a sudden, the unexpected happens and we find ourselves in deep water, not knowing what to do or where to turn.   It can be overwhelming, and anxiety comes to visit.   We wonder what to do. 

Suddenly we see someone coming towards us.  Someone who has a plan to rescue us from our circumstances.  Someone we can trust.  That Someone is Jesus.  He may use people or other means to help us, but our help all comes from God.  The Bible is filled with stories where God came to the rescue of His people.  God is not only our Provider and our Healer, but He is our Rescuer!  He rescues us from our "suddenly"  with His Suddenly.  Expect, trust, and depend on Him to rescue. He will, He does.  The Bible tells us so.  Give Him praise and expect to be rescued from the unexpected!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday Scribbles

Good Saturday to you all from our corner of the world where heat and humidity are keeping us inside.  Honestly, with temperatures in the high eighties and low nineties, monsoon rains this morning,  and dew points in the high seventies it feels like we have been transported back to The Philippine Islands.  There were a lot of things we liked about the P.I. but the humidity was not one of them!  It makes us appreciate more the dryer weather we have had this summer.....and this should only last a few more days before cooler weather returns.  Thank you Lord for A/C!

Speaking of returns, we just returned yesterday from WI where we spent a few days visiting our oldest daughter, SIL, grandkids and grand dog.  We had a good time (I wrote a couple of posts below about it).  We were able to take in a football game with our oldest grandson playing JV center and right tackle.  The last football game we sat in bleachers for was our oldest son's games around 25 years ago!   Our daughter and family live in a beautiful town in Wisconsin.  One night we were able to walk around one of the three lakes within its limits,  while viewing an amazing sunset. We visited other favorite places in town and spent time just catching up.  Lots of laughter, a few tears, some snuggling, and listening to our oldest play piano were all great nourishment for this grandma!  Our  house always seems big and empty when we return from spending time with family!

Football game

Cribbage game
Morning conversation with Tucker,
our grand dog. 
He likes to  have you
hold his paw.

While we were gone, we had our favorite handyman come and fix our fireplace so it will be ready to use this winter, fix the downstairs shower and wall, and put a new light on the garage while adding another to the porch area...New trim on the back deck door finished up the list.  So nice to have it done.  Still hope to put in a new driveway and sidewalk this fall.  Always something to do around the house for upkeep.

While traveling we listen to music, like Don Potter's CD (which our oldest says sounds like Gordon Lightfoot!) and I often read aloud to Joel in between our chats.  We enjoy the view too, which this time included the Mississippi River and bluffs.  On the way home my lack of sleep caught up with me and I could not keep my eyes open.  As we hit the Iowa border I went out like a light for an hour I guess.  I am not back to driving yet, so Joel has the worst of it when we travel.  He does not mind driving and fuels himself with coffee or popcorn to munch on.  And of course my fantastic company.  (giggle) keeps him alert!

Mississippi River
Bluffs by Mississippi
I finished the kindle book I was reading, "Wherever the River Runs" by Kelly Minter.  A powerful book about helping the struggling people who live along the Amazon River in Brazil.  It was so interesting, funny, sad, and challenging.  I did not want it to end.  I high recommend it!   As one reviewer said,  "The best thing I can say about this book is when I finished reading it, I bowed my head and said, "GOD, send me too.  The second best thing I can say is that I then handed my underlined and highlighted copy of the book to our fourteen year old daughter and said, "these are my dreams for you.."

Until next time..............

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Circle Of Life

Once again I am sitting in the quiet of this early hour waiting for family to greet the morning.  I do enjoy this time to reflect and store memories for future days at home when the house is too quiet and I am missing loved ones.  

The days have gone by quickly here as we filled them with chatter, laughter, serious talk, grandgirl snuggling, and even afternoon naps.  We visited their favorite bookstore, grocery, and Italian gelato ice cream place.  We took in the sights in this beautiful town, and enjoyed a couple of walks.  Last night we jumped in cars to go watch our oldest grandson, Evan, play JV football as center and right tackle.  The last person we watched play high school football was our oldest son, Matt, who is now in his early forties.  He played center, too.  It was great fun to be in the midst of their every day lives and take part.  A gift I pray we can open over and over again.  Now the  bags are packed, the cooler awaits its contents, and goodbyes will need to be said before we head home today.

As we visit our families individual homes, we observe how well each are doing life and we are so grateful.  Yet there is both this sense of joy and of sadness within.   Joy that faith is a priority and that love reigns.  Joy that they are happy and healthy.  Sadness only in the fact that we observe all this mostly from a distance that makes hugs few and far between.  You raise your kids with the hope that they will be independent, well rounded, productive, loving, faithful and faith-in-Jesus adults.  A blessing!  But along with that comes the wings they use to soar to those high and far places without you.  This is the circle of life.

So we treasure our treasures and embrace these moments as gifts to store in our hearts and in our memories and hopefully theirs.   We give thanks over and over for such times as these.  And even though at times sadness creeps in, we count it all joy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Another Masterpiece

We went for a walk last night, trekking nearly two miles along sidewalks within view of a lake whose name I cannot recall.  After walking our quiet river road for so many months, it was fun to shake things up a bit.   We were meeting and greeting people continually, stepping to the right so dogs and their peeps could pass by, sharing hellos and smiles as protocol or foot traffic would allow.  It was delightful!

Around halfway we stopped on a bridge to view a waterfall and beautiful sunset, where I quietly gave thanks for such a time as this.  Standing on either side of me was our oldest daughter and our granddaughter.  Two years ago this was unimaginable.  Only God.

We are once again on the road, this time waking up in Wisconsin where we are visiting our daughter Bethany, SIL Kevin, two grands, Evan and Abbi, and our grand dog Tucker.  We are nestled in their warm and inviting home that vibrates with love.  On their dining room wall mirror is written,  "Make every day your masterpiece".   It is a great reminder on how to do life.  

 We cannot make up for the years lost.  We cannot erase the countless times we were not there for our family.  The special moments, events, or "firsts" in all our grands lives that passed by while disease held us captive.  There are not enough "I'm sorry's " to cover the loss.  The whys will never be answered.  I expect we all have whys that go unanswered.  We cannot change what was.

What we can do is embrace and treasure the moments we do have.  What we can do is take every moment anointed by God and soak in it, grateful and never taken for granted.    Whether it is three generations of women enjoying a sunset,  or the everyday mundane that makes up part of living.  

This morning as I wait for others to greet the day, I am reflecting and giving thanks for yet another masterpiece.  Only God.

Monday, August 18, 2014

In Quietness and Trust

As most of you know, Joel and I were both healed from Lyme Disease and other conditions over two years ago.  Joel's healing took place instantly.  As our friend LInny says, it was a microwave healing after Joel and I watched a teaching on God's will to heal.  Some of my healing was microwave, some has been more crockpot (slow cooker) style ~ a process.  A lot of inner healing had to take place first at God's insistence.   A few symptoms remain, which I believe will also leave.  Recently one symptom I usually battle on a small scale, returned with a vengeance and has been speaking loudly.  It will remain nameless, as I don't want to shine a spotlight on it.  But suffice to say, I am so grateful for the prayer warriors who have been on their knees and standing in agreement with us, just like Aaron and Hur held Moses arms up when he needed support.  Joel and I have been praying and commanding as believers, and keeping our eyes on the Healer and His promises. We know the outcome.  We know that no name is above the name of Jesus.  The battle is won because I walk in victory.  according to His Word.  We all walk in victory thanks to Jesus.

For reasons we do not understand this battle sometimes ramps up between 12 and 2am making it hard  to sleep.  Anxiety creeps in as I remember the past and how difficult it was to deal with.  It is during these times that we put our focus on how BIG our God is and not how big our problem is.  No weapon formed against us will prosper.  

Today as we did our private study time before coming together to have devotions, Joel said to me, '"I have a verse for you!"  (concerning the symptom).  He began to read Isaiah 30:15.  As he read, I smiled and felt the love of God envelop me.  You see, this verse and I are old time friends.  It was December 13, 2012 that God first brought this verse to me.  Just one week later when I went to the first Sozo Ministry session for inner healing (as directed by God), one of the women intercessors in the session with me said, "I have a verse for you from God.......Isaiah 30:15. " I knew then that God was using this ministry for healing.  Once again this morning, God reminded me of His presence and promises.  Joel did not remember the importance of this verse for me, but God did.  Only God.

This verse is written on my blog page, and I wear it on my wrist.  I wear a bracelet made by Ann Voskamp's son Caleb that says, "in quietness and trust shall be your strength.".  It is a daily reminder of where my help comes from.  It is a daily reminder to rest in the knowing what I know that I know.  God's promises are real.  We all can lean back and rest in Him trusting when it is hard to trust.  Resting when it is hard to rest.  In the stillness we keep our eyes on Him.  Our Savior.  Our Healer.

I love how God uses Scripture to speak to us.  It is His LIVING Word.  It is a weapon of warfare as stated in Galatians.  It heals as stated in Proverbs 4 and Psalm 107.  Let us never underestimate the power of His Word in every situation, in every circumstance, in every sickness, every symptom.  Especially with the enemy.  We fight the enemy, who has come to steal, kill and destroy.  But why has Jesus come?  To give us life and to give it more abundantly.  Hold that promise tight!

We can stand on His Word in quietness and trust, knowing the same power that raised Jesus from the dead resides in us giving us the strength to prevail.  God is more than willing to remind us of His promises.  Whether through your hubby, God's written Word, or that gentle whispering Voice within.

In quietness and trust.......